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  Contact Information

Use the General Correspondence, Sales, and Return Forms to be in contact regard site or ordering information.
We do not provide extensive Sales & Technical Support for DIY customers!  If you have a question, you can e-mail us and we will do our best to provide assistance. 
Why no phone number?  This is a controversial issue we know but we are a small business with limited resources.  We do not have operators standing by waiting for your call.  All of our personnel are very knowledgable but have responsibilities that go far beyond spending hours on the phone every day.  Unfortunately many customers prefer to simply pick up the phone instead of using the online resources that are available.  We have spent considerable time providing good category and product descriptions.  If we see recurring questions we will address these to eliminate common and consistent questions but in the mean time we are willing to help, just please understand that as with most people, our time and resources are not unlimited.

The below forms are routed directly to the person/people who can directly address your questions or concerns.  Please ensure to use the appropriate forms to avoid delays in responses.